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  1. Hattie the Hen

    Information on what is in our food ~ This seems to be a great idea!? ~

    :frow I was impressed by this idea: Does anyone on here use it? Hattie
  2. Hattie the Hen


    :frow :frow I came across this reply to a poster. I just wish I could come up with something as witty as this.....!! :lol: I thought this quote was very interesting! I found it on: QUOTE Recently, in a large French city, a poster featuring a...
  3. Hattie the Hen

    Another "OFF THE WALL IDEA" !!!!!! for growing plants

    Hi there! I am always finding "interesting" new ways of growing plants. This grew out of my interest in "vertical gardening" that I posted about a few weeks ago on TEG. This one uses one of those shoe-stores that hang on the back of a door. I have a lovely new green one which I bought to put...
  4. Hattie the Hen

    Building a greenhouse out of recycled clear plasic bottles!

    Hi there! I came across this information this morning as I was poking around on my laptop when I couldn't sleep. I have been saving my clear plastic bottles for a while because I had an idea to build a cold frame out of them. This greenhouse is a lot more ambitious...