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  1. Chic Rustler

    Need a canning recipe for black eyed peas

    We lost the recipe for canning black eyed peas. Last year we just poured them in a jar, added water and salt and pressure canned them. They were really good. Now we lost it and have a couple gallons of black eyed peas to can. I would say do them just like dry pintos but most of them arent...
  2. Chic Rustler

    Ridgid pipe wrenches are high $$$ so i..

    Good pipe wrenches are expensive. Working at a plumbing/hvac shop i needed some. So i kept my eyes open and scratched up some used ones over the coarse of a couple weeks. Cleaned them up and marked them (everyone uses ridgid pipe wrenches) and for the price of one i have 4! The teeth are...
  3. Chic Rustler

    Onion storage

    Onions are stored in newspaper in cool dark place. Not lasting. Can they be sliced and frozen or something?
  4. Chic Rustler

    Beat the heat.

    Its getting warm in Texas....specially for us working folk. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water and after work have an ice cold Michelob Ultra in a frosted glass with a lime wedge. Its better than iced tea! Be careful tho, they go down like a fat kid on a seesaw
  5. Chic Rustler

    Cucumber beetles killing everything

    They killed the cucumbers. Now they are starting with the okra and greenbeans. I need something that wont kill bees. Any suggestions? Im pretty close to fogging the place with ddt
  6. Chic Rustler

    Bte experiment. Direct sow into wood chips

    So after i harvested my potatoes i decided to throw some black eyed peas on the ground and rake them into the woodchips (which are partially decomposed) just to see if they would grow
  7. Chic Rustler

    Would ya look at that? Just look at it! :)

    I planed all of these seeds at the same times. There were some gaps so i replanted maybe 2 weeks later. Still some gaps but thats beside the point. The larger plants were mulched with a little bit of coffee grounds a week or so ago. The smaller side didnt get any coffee grounds that day because...
  8. Chic Rustler

    Bug out bag dump. (Video)

    We had some rough weather so i thought it would be a good time to go over our bobs. Then i thought i might shoot a video as well....
  9. Chic Rustler

    Dog eating chickens

    The neighbor's dog is a husky. Super sweet dog. Good with the kids. Comes over all the time. But he has a habit of killing my chickens. Got the nieghbor over and we took him in the coop. Whipped him for chasing chickens. Hadnt had an issue for weeks with him. Tonight i found him eating a...
  10. Chic Rustler

    Brooder set up (video)

  11. Chic Rustler

    Tools of the trade: plumbing

    Part of being self sufficient is being able to repair your own things. Im going to do a small series on tools and such. This is the first
  12. Chic Rustler

    Freerange chicken video

  13. Chic Rustler

    Pressure canning dry beans. (Video)

    Heres how we do it. And let me tell ya they are gooood!
  14. Chic Rustler

    Selling eggs to morons

    So i posted an add. Fresh eggs $3 a dozen. I got this reply Loooong sigh. Like you can turn chickens on pasture in the dead of winter without feed
  15. Chic Rustler

    Just out of curiousity

    How does one prepare for martial law? Like if some guy declared a national emergency and then decided to make himself supreme dictator.
  16. Chic Rustler

    What to plant

    Havent made up my mind yet. Im thinking more staples like potatoes and sweet corn. I have 3 beds. One of them garlic, one will be onions and another really big carrots. My wife makes the best canned carrots! Anyhow. I might do a couple tomatoes but thats it. No squash this year, the squash...
  17. Chic Rustler

    Rabbit compost

  18. Chic Rustler

    Soil building over winter

    Maybe a little lazy but this is how we do it!