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    Does any one here make their own oil for cooking or other things? Canola grows where I am and I wonder how much of it takes to make cooking oil. I also have some beautiful Jasmine in full flower right now and am interested in making that into some sort of aromatic oil for use for the lovely...
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    Daisy - Dawdling towards Delicious

    I'll give the journal thing a go. I am a very learn-as-I-go type person so it might be good to track what I have done so that I don't forget! Sometimes I do things in a particular way for a reason I no longer remember... maybe this will help that and I can pick up some new skills along the way...
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    Growing out of season

    As the winters are mild here (no snow, light frost) I am wondering about growing veg out of season. Which vegetables would this work for, in regards to light required and temperature? I tend to search a lot online and get myself confused with so much conflicting info, is there a chart anywhere...
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    What weeds can ducks eat?

    Can ducks eat marshmallow root? I have a lot of it come up each year and usually rip it out when it is young (around now). But I am wondering if I can boil it to soften it and feed it to the ducks along with pellets to extend the bag of pellets and use the weeds? The parent ducks used to eat the...
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    Newbie from Down Under

    Hi everyone, I am excited to join this forum. I am learning about increasing my self sufficiency on a quarter acre block in rural/remote Australia. So far, my greatest achievement is attracting a bunch of fat and healthy wild rabbits in my garden 😛 My pekin duck just hatched her first lot of...