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  1. the_whingnut

    CPAP machine Leasson learned for camping and loss of power.

    about 8 years ago i started doing research on how to power my cpap machine without the grid being up and maintaining it so the following are some options for power / cleaning / water. Power: Marine Battery with 400W inverter For quite some time i used a marine battery with a 400W continuous...
  2. the_whingnut

    Enterprise No-clamp meat grinder

    Has anyone else seen an Enterprise "No-Clamp" meat grinder? I picked one up for $10 it works great! But I'm looking for accessories any ideas?
  3. the_whingnut

    Store bought milk going off fast

    Is it me or is the store bought milk going off faster than the dates on the jug? we have a gallon of milk in my fridge that smells off with a week until it is suppose to go bad. i know the fridge works its new and its not been left out. is something going on with quality control or is it a...
  4. the_whingnut

    We are looking for good wood soap molds what do you like to use?

    We are looking to upgrade to nicer heavy molds for loaf soap Hot and Cold process. What do you suggest for a set of working molds? 1-5 lbs non stick liner? What's your work horse? We have an opportunity to sale soap at a friend's store but our recycled molds ( half gallon and quart milk cartons)...
  5. the_whingnut

    Biomass Briquettes

    OK here we go biomass briquettes is a fuel type used in many countries and is favored for people helping third world development as a cheap fuel. Used for heat and cooking they are comprised of "brown" vegetation, newspaper, animal dung and spent grain. By brown vegetation I mean grasses that...
  6. the_whingnut

    portable non fossil fuel energy for a cpap machine

    i've been looking at tons of ways to do this but i'm in the dark so to speak. i have a respiratonics cpap machine, i have no battery back up or way to take it with me on camping / road trips without needing a wall socket. i'm wanting to do a battery / solar set up with inverter. but would...
  7. the_whingnut

    OK Navy guy having issues with abbreviations

    what are all the abbreviations used in the site? i can figure out some but others............................................ i just have too many in my head already from work and the Volkswagen scene. So far (and correct me if i'm wrong) DH = dear Husband? DD = dear daughter? BYC =...
  8. the_whingnut

    kitchen thingy WTF is it?

    i found this at the local flea market for $5, its not a meat grinder as i can tell. its front load the cork screw turns clockwise with the little end to the crank and a removable screen. its labeled Standard-Werk with a 100 on the funnel. Someone has to know what this is.
  9. the_whingnut

    Distillers yeast for barter / yeast cultures too

    I have dry distillers yeast up to barter. About 1lbs total. You can take about 1/2oz to grow your own. Abv 22-26% this yeast is used to do biofuel. Super start yeast. I can also do up a nutrient mix for it. If you are close by I am willing to do liquid yeast starters but I only have so many...
  10. the_whingnut

    The_whingnut's road to ........................

    Ok we started up with being more frugal and less dependant on others. Last sunday we planted our test garden in the back yard. turned the ground, fertilized and added lime. We planted a few herbs, tomatoes, and peppers. we do not have a lot of yard space to use, so we just tried a few things (we...
  11. the_whingnut

    Fire pit / Chiminea from old propane tank

    A month or two ago while walking my dog i found a propane tank someone threw into a creek near our house. at the time i couldn't get to it but kept it in that back of my mind. yesterday i finally decided to start building my chiminea instead of buying one (100-300 bucks) i have enough scap to...
  12. the_whingnut

    in Groton CT & new here.

    Just joined the site the wife & I are in groton.
  13. the_whingnut

    Ahoy! new navy family checking in!

    Ahoy there! My wife and I just joined up to this wondrous site. We are glad we found you! I'm a 12yr Sailor with eyes to retire back home and my wife is a stay at home artist/homemaker. We are up in New England for a few years before the next ship and we are trying to become more self...