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    moleskin tanning preserving

    I don't know what kind of bath it is. They didn't give any detail. I am trying to tan (actually, preserve, as you say) squirrel skins and rabbit skins. I am using this method: I would also like...
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    Fur slippage when alum tanning, what did I do wrong?

    This was my first attempt at alum tanning (I've read it's actually not tanning since there are no tannins, and therefore the skin will still rot if it gets wet, so it's really called tawing- but I digress). I am following the recipe found here...
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    maple syrup

    Raro, an autumn blaze maple is a hybrid of red maple and sugar maple. Most syrup is made from sugar maples. Sugar maples have 3x the sugar content in their sap as silver maples or boxelder (a maple), so you need a lot less sap per amount of syrup. I'm not sure what the sugar content is on...