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  1. bambi

    Grape Jelly recipes

    what other grapes do you use that make a successful jelly besides concord grapes? I would like to make some jelly with the grape season coming up and not sure if concord grapes will be available.
  2. bambi

    Where are all the lids???

    Can anyone find where all the canning lids regular or wide mouth has gone??? I have looked everywhere and not even the warehouses have any so are you finding any in your area?
  3. bambi


    Ugh... I have Muskrats in my pond. I know that I need to remove cattails to discourage them but I also have wood ducks and wild birds that use the cattails as well as keeping the pond healthy. I have tried placing traps at the holes no luck getting them. They are digging in the dam I fill in the...
  4. bambi

    What do you use for deworming

    Hoping someone can lend me advice on a good dewormer that doesn't cost as much as wazene . I think my ladies may have worms I have noticed they are skinner and also a couple of them have dirty bottoms. I posted on BYC and not much response so here I am asking everyone here for your advice. The...
  5. bambi

    Just stopped by

    :frow and WOW !!! I just stopped by after being away for a few years and lo and behold I see old friends:ep it is so good to read your post again Kinda gives me fuzzy feelings.
  6. bambi

    The wonders of corn starch

    What can you do with that wonderful container of corn starch ? Use it to remove makeup off your face or even to just clean your face: Mix 1 part cornstarch with 2 parts milk does a wonderful job and your face feels very soft Clean Windows : Mix 1 part cornstarch with 2 to 3 parts warm water...
  7. bambi

    Wishing everyone......

    Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving full of laughter, love and frienship. God's blessing :)
  8. bambi

    Buttons, Buttons who's got the Button's ?

    You know all of those x-tra buttons you get when you purchase shirts, pants,ect. what do you do with them all? I can't throw them away so I just keep putting them in jars. So what do you use your x-tra buttons for?
  9. bambi

    How do you make home-made brown and serve rolls

    Holiday's are coming and I am hoping that someone may have a recipe they would like to share on how to make brown and serve rolls. I remember reading somewhere that you can bake for a short period of time then store in freidge/freezer.
  10. bambi


    I know that it is to early for persimmons, but with the smells, and feel in the air it will be here in a couple of months. I, would like to share with you my recipe for Persimmon bread. What else can you use persimmon for? any ideas, recipes? Preheat oven to 350 3 1/2 c. flour 1 tsp. cinnamon...
  11. bambi

    Bambi's journal

    Hello, let me introduce myself, my name is Bambi and it is my real name. My husband and I of 34yrs have lived in Mo. Six yrs ago my husband and I decided to move out of the city so we bought a house with some acreage with a beautiful view. Our land has many trees and it really is not a place you...
  12. bambi

    Bambi just saying hi

    Hi, I would like to start a journal but having a hard time getting templete to start my journal? What am I doing wrong and how can I get the templete? I am not that great on the computer so I will need your help. Thanks
  13. bambi

    avatar troubles

    anybody out there that can give me a clue/advice on how to upload avatar? I tried and I have not been successful. What am I doing wrong? Really it can't be this hard to do augh:barnie