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  1. mirime

    freezing WITHOUT (new) plastics

    I'd prefer not to use plastics of any sort to freeze my produce (due to environmental concerns) But then what does that leave me with, other than Mason freezing jars? I guess I could use large yogurt containers that aren't recyclable here (we only take 1 and 2s). I do have a TON of those...
  2. mirime

    fence project

    This isn't a huge project by some standards, but it has been for us! We both work full-time and with all the rain we have been getting, it's been slow going (AND we started it LAST summer) eeep! We got a bunch of board feet from a friend (left over from one or more of his projects); since it...
  3. mirime


    Being on TEG and here, I haven't come across any posts (though I'm sure I miss more than my share of posts) about generators. I don't have an extra freezer because we don't have a generator, and since we live in Ohio, there are power outages. I would like to try my hand at freezing veggies and...
  4. mirime

    who has rain barrels?

    We, or should I say my husband, made up a coupla rain barrels. He found a bunch of 55 gallon plastic containers being thrown out by the college (we live in a college town) and since we're big dumpster divers, he carted home about 6 of them. We rinsed them out, and made three of them (so far)...