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  1. mirime

    I'm doing pretty good.

    I have a friend in NM who has lyme disease :( When we go out hiking, I do think about it and check kinda (and I only have one kid and he's 20!) Thanks for the advice though as it keeps it all in the front of my brain, and given my brain these days, I need things in the front - the back is...
  2. mirime

    I'm doing pretty good.

    Well I lived many of my years in the Cleveland area - suburbs, downtown, etc. And now I live in a small college town west of Cleveland. I'm sure they're here, but fortunately I haven't met one!
  3. mirime

    I'm doing pretty good.

    I have never even seen a tick.
  4. mirime

    Can you live without paper towels?

    Definitely - did so for many many years, until I got married recently.
  5. mirime

    fence project

    ooops...I replied to someone I had already replied to!
  6. mirime

    fence project

    Thanks Ticks and Morel - the back of the yard is being worked on this week - soon it will be all done! WHOOT!
  7. mirime

    How Self Sufficient Are We?

    I'm actually getting overwhelmed because I keep thinking of ways of being MORE self sufficient... ':barnie and berating myself when I find myself not up to my own standards. I take things too seriously sometimes!
  8. mirime

    who has rain barrels?

    yep, you can by pre-made rain barrels, or make your own with found storage/food drums. We found ours.
  9. mirime

    Could you live in an 84 sq ft home?

    We have 1100 sq, two people, one dog, five cats and a parakeet! Sometimes I think it's too big (when I have to clean!) LOL I HATE to clean!
  10. mirime

    who has rain barrels?

    :ep what the heck!? That to me is outrageous! sigh!
  11. mirime

    Who here cans??

    I'm just learning; back when I was 16, I taught myself to make jam (with paraffin seal) but I'm learning the hot water bath way now. I've only canned two items - b&b pickles and blueberry jam. Looking forward to my next canning adventure.
  12. mirime

    freezing WITHOUT (new) plastics

    I'd prefer not to use plastics of any sort to freeze my produce (due to environmental concerns) But then what does that leave me with, other than Mason freezing jars? I guess I could use large yogurt containers that aren't recyclable here (we only take 1 and 2s). I do have a TON of those...
  13. mirime


    That's why my son was unschooled in high school - he was really bored.