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    cost of raising rabbits

    How much does it cost in dollars ( not time and effort) to raise one pint of boneless canned rabbit meat? (Not counting the canning equipment, and let's say your facilities are already set up and you already have breeding stock)
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    how many rabbits?

    If I wanted to can 30 pints of rabbit meat without the bones, how many average sized, average butcher aged meat rabbits would I need?
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    NM lambs

    In New Mexico- Lambs for sale- East Friesian milk sheep & Navajo Churro/East Friesian.
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    GMO studies???

    Quickly, can someone post some links to studies proving that GMO's are NOT beneficial to us & our world? I am in a debate...
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    Non-GMO, organic stores??

    I usually shop at Wal-Mart. Are there any chain grocery stores that are organic & non-GMO? I can't afford to shop at the specialty health food stores, everything at those stores is SO expensive. Knowing WHERE to get organic & non-GMO products is my biggest barrier to eating like I want to.
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    Where/how to sell a ram's head?

    We are going to butcher our ram. He has a nice set of horns & we'd like to sell his skull... any ideas of WHERE or HOW to sell it?
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    Toilet paper rolls...

    I have a couple of wal-mart bags full of toilet paper rolls or "dir-dirs" as some like to call them. I saved them for starting seedlings in, but dont want them now because we are thinking about moving. If anyone wants to pay for the shipping, I'd be happy to mail them to you!
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    Rancid Lard?

    MIL rendered a bunch of lard & froze it... then the freezer got unplugged for a few days. She hates the thought of throwing out the lard, so I told her I'd ask y'all if there's any way to salvage it. (she was going to make soap with it)
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    Anyone here from North Dakota?

    We are looking at moving to Williston, ND, & I'm looking for contacts & info on the area.
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    North Dakota??

    I need info on ND... what is the climate like, what are the people like, etc. We are thinking about going up there with an oilfield job offer, with the intent to save enough money to be able in a few years buy a place back here that we have our eye on. I have a cat & dog that I will not leave...
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    Cellar wish list?

    If you were able to revamp your cellar, what would you change/do differently? If you dont have a cellar, what is your dream cellar ideas?
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    Best pressure canner, dehydrator?

    I am going to buy a pressure canner and a dehydrator this summer. I want to get the best for my money, cannot go over $300 on the canner and hopefully less than $200 on the dehydrator. I want the biggest capacity & best quality for my dollar, but would of course like something extremely...
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    Alpine Buck Kids for sale or trade in NM

    I have 4 intact Alpine buck kids who are from Coonridge Dairy in Pie Town, NM Their parents were specifically selected for protein and butterfat content of the milk because Coonridge Dairy specializes in producing organic, non-GMO goat cheese- these bucks will be GREAT sires, or pets, pack, or...
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    Are you good at identifying trees?

    If you are good at identifying trees, would you PLEASE help me? I can send pics and info.
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    Goat and Sheep Hoof Trimming in NM

    Now offering goat and sheep hoof trimming in Northwest New Mexico- we come to you or you come to us. For rates contact me at or 505-486-5577, leave message & phone number if no answer. Will consider barter/trade.
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    Where to sell lambs?

    There are livestock buyers aplenty, but they are just the guys who sell to the middleman... I want to know how to find the middleman, or better yet, the guy who buys from the middleman- but I don't know the first place to start! The livestock buyers are not willing to tell me who they sell to...
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    New Mexico

    Who here is from NM?
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    Since it looks like I'm gonna be sticking around....

    1. What state/province/country are you in and what is your climate like? NM/USA, very arid 9% humidity over 7000' above sea level"high desert" We have a lot of pine and pinon trees, sagebrush, and only get grass if it snows enough (and it snows a LOT... our town holds the record for 3rd...
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    Milk not curdling- I think it's GMO related

    I was raised with dairy goats, and we had a LOT of milk every day... once we had our fill and had our cheese & yogurt and ice cream, etc, we would give milk to the dogs, cats, and clabbered milk to the chickens- we'd set some milk out on the counter and it would clabber within a day or 2...
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    Who wants to barter?

    And what do you have/want? I will come back later and edit these lists- What I have- crocheted scarves = $5- $15 each crocheted dress potholders = $5 each crocheted fingerless gloves/armwarmers = $10 - $25 /pr Horses, all registered, some broke = $500 - $5000 Stud service to a race...