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  1. booker81

    WZ and BubblingBrooks (and anyone else) - Books for Eating/Nutrition

    I really enjoy your posts, and was hoping you could point me in the direction of a few good books to read while I'm laid up regarding more natural eating (especially to help me get rid of a few pounds.) I saw the Nourishing Traditions book on Amazon, seems pretty neat. I've been pretty much...
  2. booker81

    Scalloped potatoes - cheddar substitute?? Help!

    Gah! I want to make scalloped potatoes, but don't have cheddar. I have mozz, parmesean and that strange stuff my husband and child like "Processed Cheese Food" (aka American cheese slices). Any quick ideas for a tasty substitute? I'm pretty much unlimited on herbs and spices (maybe mozz with...
  3. booker81

    Booker81's Journal...Backward Steps again...favorite healing tips?

    :D Heya!! So....I've spent most of my time on BYC, and most recently have decided I want PIGS. A thread in there brought me to BYH, which brought me here. You can blame it on OFG ;) too much good info to be found in just one place! Better start with that list of 100 questions.... 01...