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  1. freemotion

    What foods to store from a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner's point of view

    Yes, that is my training, received five years ago, and I've worked with many clients since then. One thing I know is that most diseases people face nowadays are firmly in the category of "lifestyle disease" and most of those lifestyle choices are around food. Not just processed food. I made a...
  2. freemotion

    Anyone use a steam juicer?

    Well, I don't drink juice, make jelly, or need/want juice in general. However..... Once in a while I get a craving for soda and mix the juice of a lime with some stevia and a can of seltzer. I recently strained some canned autumnberry puree that was getting a bit old and used the juice in...
  3. freemotion

    Not new but....

    Maybe returning. I heard of some changes here so thought I'd stick my toe back in the waters.
  4. freemotion

    Using every last drop of the pigs we harvested...

    A quick little video to let you know I'm still lurking out there.... Here I am talking about how I'm going to use every last drop of the fat from our pigs. I am finishing up my C-grade lard tonight (finally!). My critters (hens and dogs) will get their share of the vitamins from the fat of...
  5. freemotion

    video of Plum and Dorian...

    ...rated G, worry not! I made this for all my cityfolk friends who get concerned about my callous shoving of girl goats in with the boy goat whether they want to or not.....hee-hee!
  6. freemotion

    Ideas and recipes needed for NT/WAPF make ahead grab-n-go meals

    Stuff that can be made in advance. Need ideas. Not grains only.....meals, not muffins! Breakfast and lunch.....breakfast is tough to make ahead the night or weekend before.... I have some busy days coming up, back in school again (as a student as well as teaching.) I know there are others...
  7. freemotion

    Self sufficiency in the kitchen can be a natural remedy.....

    I'm reading Motivational Interviewing in Health Care by Drs. Rollnick, Miller, and Butler. After pointing out that modern advancements in medicine have led to curing many acute diseases and traumatic injuries, today's youth are the first in modern history to be less healthy than their...
  8. freemotion

    Did you know that the average American consumes....

    ....TEN POUNDS of chemical food additives per year?? :ep
  9. freemotion

    Lactating goat for sale in W. MA

    You all know Mya. She is for sale. I must reduce my herd by winter as I am now in school again and just need the time and the money and she is rather productive! I am sure she will milk through. She was giving 2.5-3 quarts a day after a solid year of lactating when she was accidentally bred...
  10. freemotion

    Homemade buddy for my buck.... help him burn off some of that rage and frustration that comes from flagging tales just on the other side of the close, yet so far! :P
  11. freemotion

    When to pick field corn?

    I have access to free field corn for a few weeks. As many of you know, the farmer next to me sells the stalks as fall decorations, and I get to strip the ears off and feed them to my pigs. They are in the milk stage now. I will be able to pick them until the people stop buying them for...
  12. freemotion

    Softening water with salt for laundry and dishwashing?

    I have very hard water. I have a five gallon bucket of was among my free buckets of wheat and I opened it without reading the label first, thinking it was more wheat. I got to thinking...maybe I can use it in my washing machine and in my dishwasher to boost the washing power by...
  13. freemotion

    Grape pie, anyone? pics added

    Has anyone ever made grape pie? I saw a recipe in my WWII era cookbook but the thought of seeding wild Concord grapes.....well, it never happened. Since I came home with a bit more than a gallon of wild grapes tonight, before adding them to the bag of grapes in the freezer, I decided to look...
  14. freemotion

    Sharpening knives....on the bottom of a mug!

    I was toodling around on Backwoods Home and came across this article on how to sharpen your knives on the bottom of a mug! Cool, huh?
  15. freemotion

    Freezer issues, ideas/advice needed

    I cleaned and defrosted my folks' freezer (in my cellar) as it was really bad, the top shelf was completely iced in and sometimes the door wouldn't close and stuff would a spotty way. So we had unplanned meals at times.....since I go into my two freezers often, we didn't lose...
  16. freemotion

    Raisin pie.....

    Just took a raisin pie out of the oven. I wanted pie again, and the rain brought the temp down to the 70's so I scrounged around to see what I could make a pie with....raisins! I'll let ya know how it is. Anyone make raisin pie?
  17. freemotion

    Making corned beef and bacon

    Check it out!
  18. freemotion

    French toast with chevre....

    YUM!!!! I have to credit dh with the idea, as he made a sandwich with his with cheddar. I said "yuk!" and then realized that some chevre, sweetened with a bit of maple syrup, might be good. It was!
  19. freemotion

    The burning question answered....elderberry pie w/pic! elderberries make a good pie? :D No, seriously, do they?