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  1. tamlynn

    CA drought

    I don't know if this has been a topic of conversation here, but the drought in CA is going to affect everyone. It is the worst drought in recorded history. Since half of all US grown fruits, nuts, and veggies come from CA, including 80-100% of many types of crops, the drought will affect produce...
  2. tamlynn

    Why we can food.

  3. tamlynn

    Everybody still here?

    Hello! I've been gone for a few months, but wanted to check in with my SS group. Got to spend 6 weeks with my kids at my parent's hobby farm. Never has hard work been so relaxing. Probably the highlight of the trip for me was after a big windstorm some huge tree branches and some trees...
  4. tamlynn

    What is that website that connects farmers willing to train someone to

    train someone to buy/take over their farm? Does anyone know what I am talking about? I swear I am not making it up. :P
  5. tamlynn

    soft shell egg help? *update- problem solved plus chick pics

    I have a stupid chicken. Unfortunately, she is my dd's pet, otherwise I'd trade her in. She is a silkie and almost always lays splat eggs. That's what we call them. The shell is so soft, it splats everywhere in the nest box. Every once in a while she'll lay one hard enough to keep. She is 2...
  6. tamlynn

    Article about gardening and self-reliance- religious

    Just a heads-up for anyone who may want one before reading an article written from a religious perspective. My church publishes a monthly magazine and this month there was an article about gardening for food, especially in countries/areas that are difficult to garden in or for people who live in...
  7. tamlynn

    Heard from my friend in Toowoomba, QLD

    From my Aussie friend in the midst of all the flooding: We are on a MOUNTAIN!!!! the creek that runs through the city swells when we have a large downpour of rain but i would have NEVER thought in a MILLION years this could happen. Never. I don't have alot but i have sufficient to last us a...
  8. tamlynn

    In your opinion - chicken feed

    What is best to feed laying hens? Mash, crumbles, pellets, scratch, what? My hens are free-range. They have total year-round access to the compost pile, dirt, bugs, and grass, but I still like to have chicken food available for them as well as water and grit.
  9. tamlynn

    Hey Murphysranch,

    Did I ever ask you if you know my great-aunt and her daughters? They live in Murphys too. Last name is Yost.
  10. tamlynn

    Free land! Maybe could be a good deal for somebody? As small towns suffer from a continuing flight from rural toward-more urban living, some economic development groups and governments in these troubled areas have chosen to stay and...
  11. tamlynn

    Freezing broth problem

    We are so disappointed! A few months ago dh bought some gorgeous beef bones and we made about 2 gallons of beef broth. We put the broth in glass canning jars and froze them. We used a sheet of plastic with a canning ring as the lid. Plenty of headspace. We've used several of the jars since then...
  12. tamlynn

    I finally found washing soda!!!

    So excited to try homemade laundry soap, but hadn't been able to find this key ingredient. Finally, after looking everywhere in the laundry aisles, I found "pH Up" in the pool section of Home Depot. Soda ash, 100% sodium carbonate. It was more pricey than I hoped, $10 for 6 lbs, but still should...
  13. tamlynn

    Chocolate/cherry/almond and...

    peppercorns. :cool: Soooo good! Its a chocolate bar we tried at the farmer's market today. Holy yum. Ingredients: cacao nibs, unrefined cane sugar, bing cherries, almonds, black peppercorns.
  14. tamlynn

    Blackbird or other cheesemakers...

    What would happen if I used Blackbird's chevre recipe but used cow's milk instead because I am itching to try out the culture and rennet and have some whey on hand, but won't have access to goat's milk until July. It is raw, whole cow's milk.
  15. tamlynn

    I soaked my wheat in buttermilk yesterday!

    :P I made buttermilk biscuits and they are so yummy! I grind my own wheat and it is rather coarse, not like store bought wheat flour, so I often end up using half white flour and half wheat so I don't end up with rocks. Well, soaking the ground wheat did the trick...
  16. tamlynn

    price of eggs report -just for fun

    This should be interesting. The next time you are at the grocery store, check out the price of eggs. Find the most expensive dozen and report it here. At Whole Foods: One dozen extra-large brown organic eggs, $5.39!
  17. tamlynn

    Interesting to me- reasons

    The top two reasons why people I have talked to irl do not want to or won't homeschool: #1. Don't have the patience/don't want to be around their kids all day/need the break. Belive me, I totally understand this reason. :lol: #2. They want their kids to be with their friends. This one is...
  18. tamlynn

    Tamlynn's journal that needs an interesting name -I'm a gramma -pics!

    Hello! Hoping to keep track of my year here, so its all in one place. 01. Name? Tamlynn 02. Gender? F 03. Disneyworld or Disneyland? Land- its fairly close and my brother can get us in free. 04. What is your favorite color? green 05. What is your favorite kind of gum? cinnamon 06. How much do...
  19. tamlynn

    Anyone want a rooster? Los Angeles- pick up only.

    3 month old Easter Egger mutt. Very tame and gentle. I just can't keep a rooster. Free if you promise not to fight him.