1. tortoise

    How to occupy or entertain children without screens

    I'd like to start a list of how children were raised, occupied, and entertained before screens. The hardest skills to learn are those which we haven't experienced, haven't had modeled for us, and don't see often in our culture. I'm hoping older members can chime in with their happy non-screen...
  2. lcertuche

    Son Broke Leg

    My 12-year old son broke his leg Tuesday night. He was at a friend's house and jumped off their roof on the trampoline. She called and told me that she thought it was broke. I drove there and sure enough one look and I knew it was broke. I had her call an ambulance. They took him to the big city...
  3. Beekissed

    Happy Mother's Day!!!!

    Have a blessed, peaceful and joy filled day, Mamas!!!! :hugs
  4. lcertuche

    Beverage Costs: Another Soapbox Moment

    I was thinking about the high cost of everything but today in particular I was thinking about beverages. I fuss at my daughter when every time she notices her sons sippy cup empty she feels compelled to fill it to the brim. I remind her that recommended daily intake for a toddler is 2 cups. She...