1. DelcoMama82

    Is my self canned tomato sauce safe to eat?

    I had plans last night to try some of our canned tomato sauce last night. However when we tasted it, there were some strange flavors like beef bouillon or Worcester sauce. It didn’t taste sour or bitter, however it is likely to be 2 or 3 years old. Any advice? Thanks!!!!!!
  2. Peckadoodle

    Howdy from Texas

    About 10 years ago we moved from the "big city" to a plot of Texas Hill Country and followed in Farmer MacDonald's footsteps. We garden in raised beds and a large greenhouse, raise all sorts of animals (cattle, goats, doggies, chickens, runner ducks), and enjoy good old-fashioned home cooking...
  3. lcertuche

    Back to Living Summit They Fundamental Home is encouraging watching this free summit of all things frugal. If you ever wanted to learn back to basic skills like canning this is for you.
  4. lcertuche

    Crepes to beat the heat.

    I watch Living on a Dime on YouTube and Tawra was making crepes. It looked easy and I wanted to make dessert I wouldn't have to bake so I decided to give it a go. It went really quick and finally a purpose for that little green skillet DH insisted I buy. I used a strawberry sauce and chocolate...
  5. lcertuche

    Solar heater/oven

    I saw this on Facebook tonight and thought what a great way to save energy and therefore money. I could see this being built out of scraps of glass or panels like this woman. It doesn't look too difficult as far as carpentry skills go. I recently watched a YouTube video JNULLO did on a power...