1. tortoise

    Is a frugal lifestyle miserable?

    No, a frugal lifestyle isn't miserable.* Many frugal people say it's fun, freeing, even bad@$$. My favorite frugal book on the topic is The Art of Frugal Hedonism You can also check our these blog posts by Frugalwoods: The Joy That Comes When Less in Enough Strategic Luxury: The Difference...
  2. tortoise

    January/Winter Frugality Challenges!

    Every winter (January and for as long as I can) I challenge myself with various goals. Sometimes realistic, sometimes ridiculous. I get into a spirit of competition and save money. Every year I do an Eat Down the Pantry challenge. It usually lasts for months. In 2017, I did a Spending...
  3. lcertuche

    Beverage Costs: Another Soapbox Moment

    I was thinking about the high cost of everything but today in particular I was thinking about beverages. I fuss at my daughter when every time she notices her sons sippy cup empty she feels compelled to fill it to the brim. I remind her that recommended daily intake for a toddler is 2 cups. She...
  4. lcertuche

    Ninja Cooking Skills

    I thought it would be helpful for our talented cooks to give the less blessed helpful tips that we have known through our many years of experience. I thought of this while whipping up eggs to scramble. *Poke the yolks with a fork before beating. When making cakes, cornbread I break the yolk and...
  5. lcertuche

    Preserving Pumpkin

    Last year I scored some pumpkins for $1 a piece. I only got two and I really regretted I didn't get more. I ended up cooking them in my giant electric roaster (kind of like a huge crock pot). Just used a hammer and my big ole butcher knife to slice through the center. I cooked until a fork could...
  6. ChickenMomma91

    Menus for Frugality

    Who here plans out a menu with your pantry in mind so that the stuff you can't seem to store is figured out and you don't have to make last minute runs to the store? Well I do and it saves us loads of money. It has cut back on the impulse buys (except gardening stuff, not allowed in the garden...