1. L


    This thread is for folks who want to save seeds from their favorite veggies to use in future gardens. Let's hear what kinds of seeds you save, any seed saver's tips, and your results: both the expected, good, unexpected, and bad! Here's a good article that explains the wide variation of...
  2. Beekissed

    Natural animal care

    I try to stay as natural as I can with the food animals and now also with the nonfood animals, so I keep some things on hand for deworming and other parasite removal, as well as treatment of boo boos. This morning the cats got their spring worming via ginger paste in tuna....every drop was...
  3. Amiga

    Down on the Duckstead - Amiga's journal

    Starting this out, here. Got the garlic in, finally, a couple of weeks later than my usual late planting time. The weather's been really mild, I think we are okay. I refurbished the garlic beds - dug out the paths between them and placed that nice, organic-matter-rich material on top of the...