1. tortoise

    Nose to Tail Eating

    Any tips?
  2. tortoise

    Local Vitamin C Sources

    If shipping broke down [more], where would you get adequate vitamin C from every day? Please share your location for context.
  3. Beekissed

    Creating more nutritious free range for your flocks

    Since I arrived back on this parcel of land, I've been trying to cultivate a richer pasture for the chickens. My Mom mows the place and she and Dad always scalped the land each time, their thinking is the shorter you mow, the less you have to mow. So, I had to change that thinking and finally...
  4. Farmfresh

    Mineral Supplements for Your Sheep and other Livestock

    Here is a subject of great importance that is not often covered by most homesteading info. I thought a little video should be in order. I hope it helps some of you new to livestock
  5. ChickenMomma91

    Average Joe MREs

    Help me end a debate with DH. We've been needing to cycle out our homemade MREs but he wants to find a better alternative to Ramen noodles. The basic list of stuff in the MREs: Whole package of random ramens Instant oatmeal pack Small pack of dried veggie Small pack of dried fruit Vaccum sealed...