1. milkmansdaughter

    All things blooming...the Flower thread

    Hi All,:frow I thought we should have a thread dedicated to all things blooming. This can be a place to showcase your yard or maybe to add pictures of something you want to identify. Which flowers grow naturally in your part of the world? Which ones are natural pollinators? Which ones attract...
  2. N

    Bee project!

    It's finally the year of the bee! DH kept bees before we were married , and we finally are ready to get back into it. He's decided to do a top bar hive, which he will be building this winter. I just ordered the plans, I'll update this thread as the project progresses! This is where I ordered...
  3. milkmansdaughter

    helpful or harmful weeds?

    Hi All, I've got an area over our septic that is really hard to mow because it is very rocky and uneven. My plan is to cut down these weeds, cover it all in a think layer of old hay, and seed pollinator flowers there. But before I cut them down, I thought I'd ask, are any of these weeds useful...