1. tortoise

    Local Vitamin C Sources

    If shipping broke down [more], where would you get adequate vitamin C from every day? Please share your location for context.
  2. milkmansdaughter


    Hi all, I've been looking up threads on pemmican, but the ones I found were really old. My son plans on backpacking/hiking through Europe this summer and wants to make pemmican. Does anyone have any recipes, or tips? What are your favorite flavors to add? Favorite meats? Has anyone tried it with...
  3. lcertuche

    Permaculture for when the SHTF

    I've been listening to a lot of people talking about the right of the government to go into your home and taking your foodstores. Of course this has been the case since the Civil War when so many Southerners almost starved to death because of this. SHTF or not we should be able to feed our...