1. milkmansdaughter

    Best shop ideas

    Hi All, We have a 2 1/2 stall "shop". We started setting it up as a shop, but 2 years of illness, and a bad roof on another shed temporarily forced everything into the shop. Right now it's being used as storage for EVERYTHING (motorcycle, bikes, tools, lawnmowers, weedeaters, chain saws...
  2. milkmansdaughter

    Making new window screens

    I hope I'm not double posting this, but I didn't find it searching... Our house has NO screens on any of the windows. The windows are the kind that angle out when you turn a gear. We are making our own screens. We're not professionals, but I'm really proud of my crew! Comments welcome. (Please...
  3. milkmansdaughter

    More and more free wood

    It's funny how quickly plans can change with just a phone call... I was just getting ready to work on the garden and M. got a phone call. Our friend is clearing his place to get ready to move and just brought a 16' trailer loaded with free wood, with two more loads once we unload the trailer...
  4. abigalerose

    What to use for heat??

    What's the cheapest, yet still safe, way to heat? Ill just need to heat a 12 x 20 house. Also, as a bonus, are there any cheap alternatives to cooling and how expensive are 12 volt refrigerators?