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    Ohiofarmgirl'sAdventuresinTheGoodLand-where ya been? whatcha been doin

    They are pronounced poonchkies. They are a soft round doughnut with no hole. I should know, my husbands aunt nicknamed my son that when he was born. He is now called "poonch" :D
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    Do you heat your coop?

    I live in Wisconsin, and I dont heat my coop. I guess I figure it's survival of the fittest. It has been well below zero many nights. So far, they are all ok. They all look so big and beautiful with their extra feathers. I THINK they grow some extra feathers to keep themselves warmer. I do keep...
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    what jobs work around kids' school hours?

    One thing I have thought about is working at a ski hill. I think the "kids" that work there would work AFTER school, and you could work during the school hours. Summer, obvioulsy the hill would be closed. The only snag would be the weekends. But maybe the kids could go with Dad on the weekends...
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    Indoor Clothes Dryers

    I dont think one rod would be enough room for all the clothes. Maybe Im not picturing it right?
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    Indoor Clothes Dryers

    That is a huge savings every month then! I line dry clothes in the summer, but never really in the winter. My present goal is not to use the dryer for the month of Jan. I got some of the Zote soap (found it in Ill. by my inlaws) and made some homemade powdered detergent. I also read that you...
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    Indoor Clothes Dryers

    I was thinking that too. Maybe on the middle piece, you could hang a round thingy with the clothespins on to hang socks and stuff! It wouldnt be the prettiest thing, but it would get the job done! I wonder how much it costs to dry a load of clothes with an electric dryer :idunno Maybe a...
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    Indoor Clothes Dryers

    It's crazy the money they want for that thing! I have a vision in my head on how to make one. The end pieces are wood, but it should work the same. Just not look as purty!!:D
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    DIY detergent, toothpaste and mowthwash

    When I make the liquid, I let it cool and then go to town with the stick blender. Keeps it nice and smooth.:)
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    Indoor Clothes Dryers

    Bubblingbrooks I LOVE the cat in the picture!
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    Indoor Clothes Dryers

    However,my flimsey did make a good garlic drying rack this summer!
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    Indoor Clothes Dryers

    Yeah, no way I would be buying that! I would def try to make one. Yes, I know what you mean...a double decker! I think they have those on that website also. I know what you mean, my accordian one leans like The Leaning Tower of Pisa!
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    Indoor Clothes Dryers

    I have been drying clothes inside lately in front of my pellet stove. I was wondering if you'all could post some pictures or give me some ideas on a better way to do it. The drying rack I have now is one of those accordian ones. It is flimsey and I dont like it being in the way. I was think of...
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    Tortoise - meat strecher ideas! Please share more :-)

    How did I KNOW the No Carb Queen would comment? :lol: It's just what I do when we have spaghetti or tacos or something like that. Cripes, it's not easy to find stuff without soy it it these days...or corn!