1. DelcoMama82

    Is my self canned tomato sauce safe to eat?

    I had plans last night to try some of our canned tomato sauce last night. However when we tasted it, there were some strange flavors like beef bouillon or Worcester sauce. It didn’t taste sour or bitter, however it is likely to be 2 or 3 years old. Any advice? Thanks!!!!!!
  2. Roxanne Falkenstein

    Oregon Newcomer

    Hey ya'll I'm Roxanne!! A gardener, permaculturist, and cook. I love nursery work and food preservation. I teach some small classes at a local farm about soil building techniques, baking bread and pastries and uses for common weeds as medicine and food. I am also an avid seed collector and run a...
  3. Beekissed

    Butchering Chickens~all aspects.

    Thought we should have a thread on butchering poultry so we can discuss different methods, how and when we do it, and how we process the meat for eating thereafter. Today I'm deboning the first batch of stewing hens that I butchered on Monday. The meat will be cut into bite sized pieces and...
  4. lcertuche

    Back to Living Summit They Fundamental Home is encouraging watching this free summit of all things frugal. If you ever wanted to learn back to basic skills like canning this is for you.
  5. lcertuche

    Ninja Cooking Skills

    I thought it would be helpful for our talented cooks to give the less blessed helpful tips that we have known through our many years of experience. I thought of this while whipping up eggs to scramble. *Poke the yolks with a fork before beating. When making cakes, cornbread I break the yolk and...