1. Syrphid

    How much garden for one? (greenhouse)

    If I'm using a greenhouse to grow year-round, how many square feet of garden would I need to feed myself? Keep in mind I'll be using a greenhouse, so try to be as space-conscious as possible. extras will be canned, keep in mind meat will still be maybe 1/3 of my diet. I'm assuming I'll be...
  2. Syrphid

    Learning to fly.

    Taking my first step in becoming self sufficient, right now I'm focused on figuring out how many square feet of garden I would need to sustain myself year-round with the use of a greenhouse.
  3. M

    My Greenhouse Construction Thread (picture heavy)

    After several years of wanting to build a greenhouse but never getting too it, last Spring we decided, too late, to buy a greenhouse. (8 x 16 Mt. Rainier Redwood Greenhouse) It arrived on a huge tractor trailer from the other side of the country in late May in 11 huge cartons and sat on our...