1. milkmansdaughter


    Is anyone familiar with Wwoof?? It's an international volunteer program to promote cultural and educational exchange where people interested in learning farming or agricultural or other skills would volunteer to help at your homestead. No money is exchanged between host and...
  2. H

    Vote for me to help me get my chickens please?

    Hello. Would anyone please be so incredibly kind as to please do me a huge favor and send an email, with your name (you may use an alias!) and the subject ''VOTING HEIDI'S CHICKENS'' to '' VOTE@FLPERMACULTURECONVERGENCE.ORG '' You will be helping me win a grant to finally be able to get my...
  3. Miss Lone Star's Travels

    Unplugged and Living on our Boat- Headed to Bahamas

    Hello all. We wanted to be more self sufficient and we have two young kids. I am retired Army and a 100% service disabled Veteran. We sold all of our possessions and the house in Austin, TX and moved aboard our boat. It is not ideal, in a self sufficient way but we are headed in the right...