1. tortoise

    Homemade Glass Cleaner recipes

    I am beginning to explore homemade cleaning products. I want to start with glass cleaner. I use it a lot and it seems like a logical place to start. I'm currently collecting orange peels to make orange-infused vinegar to use in cleaner recipes.
  2. Kaitlyn Eileen

    Homemade natural body wash?

    What I go by is comedic yet serious--why buy a product with ingredients you can't even pronounce? I try to stay as natural as possible with organic products that help your skin instead of hurting it. I've been trying natural body washes yet they don't do my skin good and end up stinging wounds...
  3. Beekissed


    A place to show what we are working on now, put up pictures, vid or whatever of what we are doing on the homestead or off of it. My project today is to fashion a garden gate to fit the arbor I'm putting up at the entrance to my son's little BTE garden in town. I've got the arbor posts...