1. Beekissed

    Deer Processing Tips to yield good venison.

    Every year we run into the same information on the net at hunting season and it's usually the most misleading information available for insuring good flavor and meat integrity for the venison harvest. Hanging deer for a week or more to "age" it Soaking the meat in brine water over night to...
  2. Beekissed

    Cats on the Homestead

    Thought I better give equal service to my other homestead work partners, the wonderful predator and all around great mouser, the homestead or barn cat. Post about your cats here! For some years we didn't have a cat, as cats disappear out here in the country....while they are hunting, some...
  3. Lynn Manes

    New Here

    Hello, I'm Lynn in California, and a member of BYC. My new hubby of 5 months,Michael, & I started a little mini farm two years ago. We raise chickens & ducks for eggs, quail for both eggs & meat, and rabbits for meat also, although I must admit two things: I've turned 4 of them into pets, & I...