1. milkmansdaughter

    pillow case skirts

    I sew like I do most things, impulsively and without a real plan, certainly without a pattern. But these are super easy so I thought I'd share. There's a little girl in our church who just started school. She's 5, and tall for her age, but skinny. Her mom has had trouble finding dresses for her...
  2. N

    NH Homesteader's first kidding season!

    Well, I meant to start this thread before the first babies were born but.... That didn't happen! I'll post the story tomorrow but we have a buckling and a doeling, the first kids born on the farm to Patty! Both are clean, dry, nursing and snuggling with mom!
  3. tortoise

    How to occupy or entertain children without screens

    I'd like to start a list of how children were raised, occupied, and entertained before screens. The hardest skills to learn are those which we haven't experienced, haven't had modeled for us, and don't see often in our culture. I'm hoping older members can chime in with their happy non-screen...
  4. Beekissed

    Happy Mother's Day!!!!

    Have a blessed, peaceful and joy filled day, Mamas!!!! :hugs