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  1. DelcoMama82

    New Member Intro

    Hello all, I e already asked a few questions but this prompt keeps popping up so I figured I’d get it over with now. Family of 6, with 8 8-week old hens (hopefully) living in South Eastern Pennsylvania. Much more suburban than I’d like honestly. Too noisy and busy for me anymore. We have a...
  2. C

    Newbie currently living in Alaska

    Hello all, I stumbled onto this forum when researching permaculture. Found some interesting threads. I have traveled a lot with my career, many times in various countries where I had to rely on my own abilities, but also learned local ways of being self-reliant. I'm currently in Alaska, although...
  3. Meg Bolton

    Kia ora from Kiwi-land

    Kia Ora, I'm Meg, I live in New Zealand with my mother and grandmother. We are trying to be more self-sufficient on our little 1/2 acre lot, and so are really keen to learn more about ways we can homestead and live sufficiently on a little bit of land and a lot of passion. Can't wait to start...