1. DelcoMama82

    New Member Intro

    Hello all, I e already asked a few questions but this prompt keeps popping up so I figured I’d get it over with now. Family of 6, with 8 8-week old hens (hopefully) living in South Eastern Pennsylvania. Much more suburban than I’d like honestly. Too noisy and busy for me anymore. We have a...
  2. Farmer Connie

    Friendly Hello from NC Fl..

    Long time lurker just signed up. Just wanted to say a quick hello and thanks for having me. I am looking fwd to absorbing all this site has to offer as well as contributing as well. I'm a member of TEG, BYH & BYC. And now here! I'm married with 2 grown up kids & 1 grandson. My DH & I have a...
  3. CookingFromScratch

    FL Gal

    Hello everyone! I hail from Florida. I love to cook, love cookbooks, and love losing track of time in the kitchen. ❤️ I look forward to learning lots of ways to become more self sufficient. ~Blessings~
  4. milkmansdaughter

    Alabama transplant: busy and behind...

    Hi All, I'm new here. I've bounced around the country but am now in Alabama. We're new to homesteading but not new to gardening. We just bought two acres and have pecan and black walnut trees, a fig tree, pear trees, an apple tree, wildly overgrown grape vines. Since October, we've added...
  5. caboodleschicks

    Hi from a country gal!

    Howdy! :lol: You can call me CC! I live in SC. I have 10 chickens, 2 ducks, 2 dogs, 1 bunny, simi 4 cats, 1 Fancy Goldfish and 1 rescue goat on hold. I hope I didn't forget anybody. :fl I love DIY stuff and homemade remedies. I think I'll like it here! I come from over on Backyard Chickens. I...
  6. abigalerose

    New to goats

    I'm probably getting a goat Sunday, a Nigerian dwarf goat, I'll be building a secure pen this weekend with adequate shelter, a bucket for grain, a feeder for hay, and maybe something to play on. I'll be looking for a goat friend to be with her as well. I'm buying her to milk. I have a few...