1. tortoise

    2023 Resolutions

    Its almost time! Who has started their list of 2023 Resolutions?
  2. treerooted

    Self Sufficient 2018 Goals

    Happy 2018! In the spirit of New Years resolutions I thought I'd open it up to our members to share their goals for the 2018 year on how they would like to improve their self-sufficiency. To really work on accomplishing something, the best goals are specific. For instance, the old new years...
  3. tortoise

    January/Winter Frugality Challenges!

    Every winter (January and for as long as I can) I challenge myself with various goals. Sometimes realistic, sometimes ridiculous. I get into a spirit of competition and save money. Every year I do an Eat Down the Pantry challenge. It usually lasts for months. In 2017, I did a Spending...