1. milkmansdaughter


    Is anyone familiar with Wwoof?? It's an international volunteer program to promote cultural and educational exchange where people interested in learning farming or agricultural or other skills would volunteer to help at your homestead. No money is exchanged between host and...
  2. milkmansdaughter

    House in S. Alabama

    Hi all, I have NO input in this place at all, but it sounds perfect for homesteading. 8.5 acres, 3 bedroom house for $94,000 out in the middle of southern Alabama, close to the Florida border. I was told you could live off the grid here. My sister (in Oregon) knows someone in FL who has a...
  3. Beekissed

    Orchard Care

    I thought I'd start a thread on orchards so that folks can throw ideas back and forth and maybe learn a thing or two. I know virtually bagel about orchards, though I have a small one now and have lived on land with a larger one, I know just enough to get myself in trouble and harm some trees...