1. L

    Hatchery reviews

    I'm doing homework for 2020!!! I'd love to hear about your experience with the various hatcheries, especially when dealing with mail order. What hatcheries have you used? Feed store? Cooperative? What was your experience with each hatchery? Include breeds and numbers ordered. Gender...
  2. Beekissed

    Broodies on the Homestead

    As per request, I'm starting a thread on broodies. They are those things that make us go crazy each spring and summer, but also increase our food production in the most natural of ways. If you have broody questions or broody information to ask or impart, this is a thread for that. Whether you...
  3. N

    Heritage breeds

    This coming week is International Heritage Breeds week. From the email I received from the Livestock Conservancy... "Several factors have contributed to the demise of these rare or “Heritage” breeds, but the leading cause is an increasing reliance on only a few highly specialized breeds in...