50 Shocking Questions That You Should Ask To Anyone That Is Not

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Jun 2, 2013
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Sorry - didn't mean to upset. It was my read on what modern media has turned us into - a quivering mass of fearful populace knowing of dangers that will never touch us. I think every generation has tried to be prepared for the worst, but over-preparing for what will never happen is what the merchants of fear pray on and that equals profit$.

I am not a troll here, but as a fellow American that is interested in survivability - from hurricanes, twisters, drought, environmental disasters - more of what 99.9% of us will see in our lifetime.

I respect all opinions and love the fact that my USMC Sgt. son fought to allow us to agree to disagree.

[P.s. - the "cheap" shot at Fox was based on my watching and comparing - it's biased to the GOP and is fear-based media. Just my opinion and does not mean it's the truth.:)]


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May 29, 2010
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KnightMare said:
Well, now that we have opened the "sarcasm box" I guess we can look at this from a completely different perspective.

There is a difference between different ideas and what we see here. New, different ideas are what make the world a better place and our nation is no exception. On the other hand the disdain voiced by someone with "different ideas" regardless of their age tends to cause elections like the last one to give us an administration that is systematically working at destroying the fabric of our nation.

As far as I am concerned the term "fat cats" includes the parents of this adolescent and if he has that much disdain for the benefits of their hard work, then he has been brainwashed by someone who is of the mindset that hard work and success are evil and should be destroyed, right?

So, I guess we should encourage that kind of behavior because it is "different", huh?
Well, I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO soooooooorrrrrrrrrry, but I don't agree. I would be the first to accept new ideas and "different ideas" but unfortunately this particular adolescent was displaying neither. New and different ideas help solve problems and make things better. This particular outburst of disdain was neither. I'm surprised you didn't "get that" since you are so willing to be so sarcastic.

The ideas he was espousing came directly from the play book written by Karl Marx, Leonid Lenin and I can keep naming them...but hopefully you recognize those names. Sorry, "Homey don't play dat".

So, put the BIG kid panties back on and take a closer look. You many find that those "different ideas" are not only dangerous but disrespectful not only to you but your nation. "...and we know that Brutus IS an honorable man."
KM Just when did "new and different" ideas become superior to old ideas that actually have been tried and are known to work? Marx may be dead but some of his ideas are widely accepted and applied world wide [including our own government] Did you mean Vladimir Ilyich Lenin? [getting your facts right is important too, I wish you had kept naming as you boosted you could 'Homey' (If you wonder about the it is a xymbol I use to indicate sarcasm it dates back with LOL or {;<)}
BTW since you are a 2 month newby I expect a bunch of new and different ideas from you so where are they?
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