Amish Counter Top Kitchen Appliances Run Off Compressed Air

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Jul 18, 2010
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Brookshire TX
Cottage Craft Works .com now carries some of the most popular kitchen counter top appliances in both electric and air power conversions.

You can now purchase the Bosh Universal Mixer with Blender, Nuttrimill grinder, and Cuisinart Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker in either standard electric or air powered conversion.


A Sunbeam mixer, VitaMix Blender and an Amish version of the Universal Mixer are all available in air power.


Air power is a popular alternative power source for the non-electric Amish communities. With many Amish homes already using compressed air in the workshops and powering other equipment air power in the kitchen is not a stretch.

Air powered appliances provide less torque over conventional electric appliances, but when electricity is not available air powered equipment is far superior over battery powered DC motors. They also are more earth friendly as they dont require a large battery bank that someday will need to be recycled or sent to a landfill.

Most of the Amish fill large air storage tanks using a gasoline or diesel powered engine. The advantage is that it can be ran for short periods of time. Disadvantages is small air leaks can require more frequent filling.

Where air power equipment may become the real alternative power source is when it is combined with a wind turbine air compressor, which the Amish are beginning to use. During a good steady windy season many Amish may not need to run a regular air compressor for days at a time.

One other disadvantage of air powered conversions is the cost can be nearly double of the electric equivalent, but for a long term investment air motors have no brushes to wear out and if maintained, by keeping them oiled and water out of the airline, they will last a very long time.

Cottage Craft Works also carries many other air powered items for the home, farm, and ranch including sewing machine motors and wringer washer motors. Air Powered shop and ceiling fans are also available at this sustainable living web site.

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