Baby pigs $40?


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Jan 1, 2009
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Southwick, MA
Mine don't smell. They did when they arrived, but it disappeared very quickly. Mine have an excessively large area, though, since I had some work for them to do....and I live in the suburbs and could NOT have stink. I haven't checked with the town to be sure I can keep a buck or pigs or as many roosters as I have....only checked on horses when we bought the place, and vaguely remember reading the limits on other animals and not thinking I'd ever get any of those, I didn't pay attention. All I know is that there are strict laws on the books, and I have very patient neighbors, and I do not want to try that patience and inspire someone to check on the legality of all my critters! So my pig pasture is something like 120' by 80'. No stink whatsoever. I have chickens, so no flies.


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Aug 28, 2009
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central wa
I do agree with ALANB.if ya want bacon go for long breeds.

We give ours grain with the scraps and if it's for butcher we grain heavy the last month.

Fancy-they don't have to smell just give them room to have space for a corner to eat in,and one to potty in.They are by nature clean animals and never eat and poo in the same area if they don't have toThe rolling in mud is to keep the biting flies off and to keep cool as pigs no don sweat.I wouldn't be to easily swayed from these pigs just cuz where they are now is not the cleanest, take them home squirt them off and give them what they require, they should turn out fine.

If you get males you will need to cut them, you don't want to eat meat that has hormones in it. Some people don't eat females either. We chose to eat males only, the meat just seems better to us.

Just to let you all know all this chatter about pigs, well I had swore off raising our own last year, but told DH I would like to try again, so FIL was at the auction and low and behold 8 little piggies followed him home.He has about 25 now, so a phone call later and we are now the proud owners of 2.

Yesterday evening was spent cutting 7 of them(one was a gilt)(female), so we now have bacon and porkchop, that is always the names they are given.

So on with the adventure!!

Maybe we have just been lucky all these years and I may be eating my words but we never have used electic wire, not for any of our livestock.