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Jul 16, 2017
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My honey told me I should build a beer garden. This is kind of what popped in my head when she said that : 😂 You may recall seeing my favorite pint glass and maybe even the actual picture of my Sazzy German Kolsh Homebrew. Now it's a "beer tub" in my relaxing beer garden : 😂

I believe probably less than 2% maybe 3% of the videos, pictures and sounds, I see and hear on the internet are actually true. Remember I don't have a TV, But I suspect about the same for TV though.

If you recall, I just started playing around with GIMP on Linux OS a few years ago. It's so easy to make a picture into some that's not true, this one is very obvious and just for fun... But not everyone is "just for fun". I have no agenda but my love for my Lord Jesus Christ 🙏

GS (Green Screens) AI (artificial intelligence) along with CGI (Computer Graphic Imaging) and DF (Deep Fakes) can easily trick the mind into believing what is unreal, to be real.

You need to train your eyes, ears and your mind to look and listen for "signs" of fakery of what your looking at watching and listening to. When looking, watching and listening, try and zoom in on the person's neck who is speaking, listen closely to their voice. Seems like most everyone is wearing a mask to hide the most obvious, their nose and facial expressions, which are unique to an individual and extremely difficult to replicate even for the most highly skilled actor and make up artist. But just search for signs... try watching the neck when the person is speaking. You'll be amazed what you'll see sometimes. Another obvious example how can a person have smooth skin that was full of wrinkles just a year ago? Medical miracle, look 30 years younger in a matter of weeks: 😂 What about their height? The list goes on and on... Eyes are also pretty telling.

I would post real life examples here but the admin would boot me quicker, than you could say jack be little.

So for now... just enjoy my fictious beer garden. Take a dip in my Sazzy German Kolsh home brew beer tub and relax... BTW... How did I do on the shadowing? What about the grass around the glass, look good? Not to shabby for being self taught hu? : 😂

I'll be so nice to have a free speak platform where fakery can be talked about openingly and without retribution. I suspect I'm just scratching the surface on what I've learned on my own. So much more and learn, I can't wait!!!
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Sep 29, 2014
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Beer is great as a conditioner for your hair - not so sure how it would be for a swim though.
Heard the one about the Irishman who drowned in a vat of beer - he got out 3 time to go to the bathroom before he drowned.

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