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Mar 11, 2012
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I was also thinking of Kangals they too have a shorter coat.
There is a breeder here that crosses them with Aussies
I have heard from a very experienced LGD person that crossing an LGD breed with a herding breed rarely brings good results. She says that each dog's genetics lead it to do what they were bred for. LGD's guard - Aussies herd. She says the dog is always in conflict - and I guess I can see why. Personally I think dogs can be influenced by training, but I am certainly no expert.

However - I love your choice of breeds! I have an Anatolian Shepherd, a Great Pyrenees and an English Shepherd. I live south of Houston and it gets very hot and very humid here. The longer haired GP handles it fine. She's a 'diggity dog' and will dig herself a nice cool hole and/or spend time in the pond every day in the heat. She and the Anatolian are great protectors for the goats with totally different ways of doing things. The GP is a "big picture" dog and is actually more of a farm protector. Everything is her business, lol. The Anatolian is definitely a goat guard. He loves his goats, stays with them all the time and doesn't tolerate anything or anybody messing with his charges. He doesn't let the pigs or the horses around the goats at feeding time. He loves the kids and lets them climb all over him and mourns when we lose one. He's pretty fantastic!

Gracie, my English Shepherd, is an awesome dog. She will herd, she will kill varmints, or she will lay at my feet inside and be content doing any and all of the above. I love, love, love this dog. However, they (at least she) is a very intense dog. I'm sure they're not all as intense as she is. She has a tendency to use her teeth while herding and I've not been able to stop her from that. It works well on the pigs - not so much on the goats. She's smart as a whip and loves to please - and she's a great Frisbee dog too! She is the dog that keeps my grandkiddos entertained at all times!

I hope you find exactly what you're looking for when the time comes!


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Jul 17, 2017
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Zone 6B or 7 can't decide
I had a friend in North Carolina that had lamas, he died of cancer. I didn't his lamas much at all. They eat just about anything including bark off trees. You'll need to put heavy guage fence wire around your trees or they will ring them all and kill them. Also they spit and that's how I was intoduced to them, spitting at me. They have pretty good aim too. They also stink a funky smell like no other animals i've smelt before. He would shear them twice a year like sheep and sell the hair - what stinky lama hair is good for, i don't know. He also had to separate the stud lama away from the females in it own pasture or it would kick him. I think there are better animals for packing. A donkey comes to mind and you could even name it Oboma :)

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