Free fecals this month by vet...............

enjoy the ride

Sufficient Life
Jul 13, 2008
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Really Northern California
Every November, the vet's office offers free fecals. Normally they cost $15 apiece so you can see it's a good deal.
I actually stood with my remaining doeling on a lead for about an hour or more because I wanted uncontaminated berries to give the vet. Dang it if everyone around pooped at least twice before she gave me some. I used the time for some lead line training.
The horses were negative and the goats have a mild cocci level.
I'm really aggressive treating for cocci with the kids before they are 6 mos old but start stretching that out as they get older because they will develop an certain immunity with age. Before 6 months, they can go fast with cocci. After that it's rarely a problem.

So I save money with the vet- a rare experience that. :ya