Gruß Gott from Baveria Germany!


Lovin' The Homestead
Dec 30, 2019
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Greetings from the middle of God's last creation...saving the best for last...Baveria! I found this site while reading the updates over at
So a little about myself....well that's a long story so I'll give you the short one.
Born and raised on a small farm in NW Ohio and I mean literally born during a winter storm at home. Growing up on the farm was, well farm life....hard, hot, demanding, rewarding and fun! But I knew there was something else outside of my county and I wanted to see it! So off I went to college but soon realized that that was not what I wanted. So....I left school and enlisted into the US Army and discovered the world that I sought to see. Nineteen plus years later, I myself looking at retirement, still single (rather good looking I like to think) and ready to go onto a new chapter in my life. Then, I met my best friend, who is now my wife, a local German girl. The Army returned me to the States for my last 17 months before retirement, during which time I married my best friend. Since she was still in Germany, I moved there. Now 20 years later, we have a 17 year old son and a 13 year old daughter. We have a small house on a 2 acre lot of land and raise chickens. Damn, I guess this short story is not really short at all.
Welcome to the forums... Well.. that's whats we do here... we read all of them... The bragging rights and all. 😊😊.. you can do them all you want.. welcome.