Healing Herbs And Spices You Can Grow In Your Garden

Esker Ridge

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May 21, 2022
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Hi, newb here, but I am in Zone 5 and we are able to keep a tropical hibiscus in the house thru winter each year (though its getting a bit big, tbh). We just keep a full spectrum bulb on it for a few hours in the evening and have it on the S-E corner of the house where it gets only indirect bright light during the day. Our temps are kept btwn 65-68°F thru winter and I can't say it thrives, but it does bloom off and on all winter. I fertilize it with slow release osmocote, water as the soil gets dry (its one of our thirstier winter plants) and when the we hit our last frost dates, move it outdoors. Works great for about 5 years now.