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Mar 11, 2012
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Copperheads are very prevalent - but in all honesty - they really aren't usually fatal unless you are vey young, very old and/or your health is already compromised. That particular summer I also had a friend who was bitten and several dogs in the neighborhood. We all survived! Not sure why there were so many snakes that year. But - Australia has snakes that will kill you with only half a bite, right?

I had a yellow nape parrot for many years. Loved that bird but (s)he loved my (ex)husband. My son has two quaker parakeets now that only love him. He spoil them rotten!

How did you end up leaving New Zealand and re-locating to Australia? If it's none of my business feel free not to answer. I can be too nosy for my own good, lol!


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Nov 30, 2018
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I know here that if there are weather extremes through the year that are not what would be regarded as normal then the snake populations increase or decrease accordingly. This could have been that case in your area when you were a child.

Wee are going to have a very hot summer and so the numbers will be up dramatically herfe this summer.

Yes we have snakes that you only need a tiny, tiny bit of venom to enter the body and it is fatal. We have seen a huge increase in the King Browns here already which is not good as they usually don't enter the built up areas. We have already had a few deaths from these this year. We have had to watch our dogs much closer and put protectove barriers around our bird enclosure.

No I don't mind you asking at all.

new Zealand although a magnificently beautiful country the cost of living there is insane. My husband was odffered a job here that paid 3 times what he could ever earn in New Zealand so he came over and I followed 3 months later. ubby now pays more in tax here than he ever earned in New Zealand in a year. I really miss the countryside there but don't miss the poverty people are forced into there, I had over 50 years of that there and that was enough for me. Land just got far too expensive to b uy there as it was all being sold off to the Chineses or any other outsiders that had millions of dollars to get rid of fast. :)

Now I help people here in Australia that might be struggling to get on their feet again and stay there. :)

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