Hello from Pennsylvania



I came over from BackYard Chickens, where I have been a member there since late March.
I have long felt a desire to be part of "the old ways" and after graduating college I started gardening (what I call year one), in year two, I obtained chickens and two honeybee hives, and in year three I finally bought my own 4.68 acres in Southeastern PA. I have lived here since last fall and we have quickly built a greenhouse and established two gardens. The house is old and badly in need of upkeep, but I believe firmly in establishing some additional financial independence (via food preservation), prior to "fixing" our house. I hope to one day be fully off the grid, but that might be a ten year goal :)

This year's garden has been bumpy. For as large as it was (I actually have two), it was fairly under productive. We've battled heat waves, pests, and many other issues. I have added quite a few chickens to the flock and have an order of meat chickens arriving in September. Also on the to-do list is building a new chicken coop, which the chickens need in a bad way!
Here's the gate to the main garden. The mountains were modeled after our farm logo, but inspired by a love for mountains:

I am practicing a new technique called raised row gardening. Here's the tomatoes a week after transplanting them:

Here's the garden about 6 weeks ago. I really could have used more straw mulch, but thus far it has been pretty effective. Also, we are working on a skoolie conversion in the background and you can see my "she shed", which is home to the gardening, beekeeping, and chicken tools as well as a stall for the meat chickens.

The greenhouse is a work in progress. Window are added as they are collected for free or low cost. It was a hot mess because it was hardly in usable shape when I was already squeezing in seeds for starting!

My farm isn't perfect but I'm thrilled to call it home :)