Hello, Thanks for accepting me here.


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Feb 16, 2015
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Hello Everyone. Thank you for accepting me here. I am from York PA, SouthCentral Pennsylvania.

I am now retired and now looking for my forever farm... finally. I always wanted one. Even graduated from an Ag-Hort Sciences high school. As a kid, loved watching great-Aunt Lottie and cousin Carolyn can, make jellies, make quilts, make hand-made braided rugs, plus lots of other great stuff... like make bread and cookies. The kitchen at their farm was always the center of everything. I could not wait until summer when I would get to go spend my summers with them and hand out with my cousins on their farm. Now, I get to have my own. Can't wait. My Windows Phone seems nit to allow me to add my photo or bring up the map. Back to an android, I am thinkin'.

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