Sustainable Newbie
Aug 9, 2023
Reaction score
1. What state/province/country are you in and what is your climate like?
Pennsylvania, we have 4 seasons
2. Who or what inspired you to become more self sufficient?
Lack of funds and seeing waste
3. In what ways are you self sufficient now and in what ways would you like to learn more?
We garden, preserve food, build things, fix things.
4. Are you interested in stocking up for future needs?
5. Do you make crafts or useful items? Would you want to teach others how to do these?
When I have time. When I have time.
6. Can you legally keep livestock where you are at? Do you have any? What kinds?
We don't have the required amount of land.
7. Do you like to garden? If so, what do you enjoy growing?
Yes. Anything non invasive that is food, herbal or a pollinator.
8. Do you fish? Bait or explosives?
I watch family fish, I know how to fish, I just don't. Bait.
9. How much space/land do you have or rent? City? Country?
1 acre, country
10. What is your self sufficient specialty? Or what one would you like to learn?
No real specialty, just learn to do what I need done.
11. Do you do wood work? Framing, finish, cabinet?
12. Are you interested in herbal medicine?
13. If you could live any place you chose, where would it be?
On a large property, anywhere warm close to fam.
14. Do you use a wood stove for heating or cooking?
15. Do you like to cook? Are you interested in whole foods and natural foods? Raw milk? Farm fresh eggs?
No. Yes x3
16. Do you forage or hunt for part of your food needs?
Not much
17. What skills do you have that help you be more self sufficient?
I am patient and can learn
18. Do you have solar panels? Plans to use solar energy?
No, no
19. Have you ever lived completely off grid? Would you like to?
No, eh, maybe
20. Do you make things yourself to save money?
21. Has trying to be more self-sufficient changed your attitude or habits about money/spending?