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Jun 29, 2018
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Being on a Self Sufficient thread I'm sure some of you have heard of food sensitivity testing. If not, a brief summary is that the body's igG (immunoglobulins) cells supposedly are raised in an individual who is sensitive to certain food. The lower numbers, of course, are less reactive foods. The test is done by blood draw. I had the test done a little over two months ago.

As I've been more careful about getting more nutrition in the food I eat, it seems that I can now eat some of the foods that I had been reacting to. However, when I was very reactive I reacted to everything I ate, some items more than others.

Also, I was diagnosed with leaky gut. I was prescribed SBI Protect, which contains 1.2 grams of immunoglobulin G (igGs). So, in order to protect my gut I needed more immunoglobulins, but the reactive foods trigger the body to supposedly create too much immunoglobulin G? Hmmm...

Some of the testing, I believe, was accurate, or coincidence. Since I was eating too much homemade bread, and peanut butter, which both are high in lectins, which can trigger the immune system and raise histamine.

Don't waste your money on this type of test, instead do your own testing at home, by eliminating suspected food. Go on a very restricted diet for a while, get some gut healing or re-building done, take probiotics, do some fasting, or restricted caloric intake, then when feeling better introduce some of your favorite food back into your diet, and note how you feel. That is a more accurate way of testing. Then you won't be eliminating some foods that are healthy, because of a test.

I had a comprehensive wheat zoomer done, and supposedly very reactive to the gluten, and also non-gluten parts of the wheat, which I believe is accurate (or coincidence) as I was eating too much wheat at the time (in the form of yummy homemade bread)!

I'm not disappointed that I spent the money on the testing, because I'm more informed.

I'm happy that I can eat homemade pizza again! However, it will be infrequently.

Here's an article that explains the igG food response in the body:



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Dec 22, 2010
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The wife has igg issues. We thought it was gluten also causing the gastro issues. After years of effort, we have determined its a sulfite allergy issue. We were scratching our heads why similar products affected her in wildly different ways. I have become very adept at reading labels


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Nov 8, 2009
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I am very interested in IgG testing but haven't had it done. I have gong the elimination diet route. I made so many mistakes during elimination diets! I underestimated the effects of food additives. Even when I thought I was on a severely restricted elimination and testing only one new food at a time, I was still consuming my trigger foods in the form of food additives. It messed up my elimination diet results for years. I made a lot of assumptions.

  • During the elimination diets I was taking supplements that had my trigger in the inactive ingredients. I was adding MCT oil to my smoothies, so I was getting trigger food (coconut and palm) every day.
  • I had a bad reaction to macaroon cookies. I assumed it was from egg since egg was on the list of common allergens my doctor gave me and coconut was promoted in the diet my doctor recommended. Turns out I tolerate egg well but react to coconut. 🤦‍♀️
  • I had a bad reaction to hot cocoa. I was confused because I tolerated chocolate milk fine and isn't hot cocoa just hot chocolate milk? The hot cocoa mix contained significant amounts of coconut and palm ingredients. 🤦‍♀️
I would like to see if IgG testing confirms what I've found with elimination diets, but it's not really worth the $ to me
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Oct 24, 2019
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A good result from the testing is changing and adding some foods that I wasn't eating before, such as seaweed, and two types of beans. As long as the beans are prepared the right way, I do alright with them!

curious about right way as i don't have any issues with beans at all.