It works! hubby built hydrogen fuel cell.

Ed Nigma

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Sep 8, 2011
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Marianne said:
More details, please. :caf

And welcome, Ed Nigma!
I'll give you a general outline. My notes in storage and I will not be able to get to them until next week.
The system (called the Hydro-Sol) came out of my research into finding alternative methods to store solar power.
I use thermal solar power to heat water to a roughly 10 degrees below boiling. I than, while maintaining the temperature, use solar electrical power to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen. The hydrogen is than sucked through a dryer and into a storage container using electrical current from my solar panels.

I've used the gas to cook dinner and run a motorcycle.

Unfortunately I never got to refine my system. A lost job, the selling off of all toys, equipment, and eventually tools to stay off foreclosure and bankruptcy which came anyway. It is how 20 years latter and time to revisit the Hydro-Sol project.