Looking for advice on raising rabbits for meat


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Feb 6, 2021
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west Texas
Kenzie, you are in Georgia? I just started raising rabbits and decided on TAMUK variety to start. This is a composite breed developed at Texas A&M for the hot summers. They have fairly large ears, lighter (though soft and pretty) fur and breed young (does at 4 months). They have good meat to bone ratio and feed conversion. And come in a multitude of colors.

They are definitely not show rabbits so I don't have that avenue. OTOH I don't have to bother with pedigrees either. But my plan otherwise is similar to that presented by tortoise - to sell whatever sells for pet/meat/breeding and send the rest to freezer camp. I haven't butchered yet but the videos are such that it looks much easier than chickens.

I am mentioning them to you because I see demand across the south on one group I am in. I had to drive 5 hours in two different directions to get my starting stock. It's just a thought. I would definitely research as mentioned above to see what would be good for you where you live.


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Dec 24, 2018
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the best meat rabbits are Californian and new Zealand white. I like to habe a cali buck and white does. the offspring do well.

take the doe to the buck at 6 months of age. let him fall off twice. give her a nest box 28 days later. rebreed her 4 to 5 days after ahe kindled for larger litters.

wien the bunnies at 4 weeks. then she will need a nest box in a couple days. keep an eye on her wieght. after 2 or 3 litters she will need a break.

the need shade! rabbits dont get cold but heat is a killer. I lost one on a 70 degree day from heat stroke.

don't let the does get fat in the off season or they won't be receptive. and stop breeding before spring temps hit 85.

butchering is easy. after you quarter be sure to cut off the grey skin on the back and legs. let them rest in the fridge for 24 hrs before vacuum sealing a freezing. soak in salt Walter or buttermilk over night before frying.
Ive always allowed 3 fall offs for my breeding pairs and I dont wean til 6 weeks. The reason for that is from the info Ive read about raising rabbits, is the kits need to stay with thier mother as long as possible to get thier immune system built up by nursing and eating the special poops ( sorry, forgot whats its called).
I also dont butcher til 12 weeks, or until they reach 5lbs. Whichever comes first.

Here is a video on how to butcher one. Its what I used. They also have another one on how to cut one up after processing.