Monachelle Di Trevio - rare pole bean seed


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Nov 9, 2009
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USDA Zone 3b/4a
Rare pole bean! Drying type. Baker Creek is not offering for 2019!

"(Pole) When Joe first learned about the Monachelle Bean from the area around Norcia in Central Italy, he went crazy! this is an extremely rare bean that is now being cultivated only by a few traditional farmers. In the gastronomic capital of Umbria: Norcia, Joe could not find a single bean, after tons of questions and false hope, he stumbled upon the Angelini Family in a little village called Trevio. There Mrs. Angelini assured him on the phone that she had a few of the beans left. Joe arrived to the village to find one of Mrs. Angelini's sons walking down the street, asking where the Angelini family lived he said: " Welcome" we are the Angelinis! Joe was treated with extraordinary hospitality and the Angelini Monachelle Bean is now the prize of his visit. This rare bean has been listed as a rare Italian heirloom and now our readers can be a part of growing it and sharing it for future generations!
Variety description courtesy of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds "

2nd generation since purchased from Baker Creek, open pollinated. Rare drying bean. Heirloom, non-GMO. No pesticides used.

$4 for 10 seeds, plus mailing. Contiguous USA only.

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