My neighbor's chicken's- arrggghhhh

enjoy the ride

Sufficient Life
Jul 13, 2008
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Really Northern California
My next door neighbor has a renter who thought that the empty chicken coop was crying for chickens to lay eggs for her. She is a real city girl but blythly went off and bought 5 "hens" as chicks. Of course, two of the now 5 month olds are roosters, two of the hens seem to be banties. And the only large one seems to be part greyhound. I can't catch her for love or money. They all seem to fly quite well.
She said they had not started laying and were a pain. So she decided to "free range" them. First they "free ranged" into my manure pile, then into the horse's winter paddock. I told her (and the neighbor) that the next thing they were going to do was end up in the horse's night paddock and run in shed. The neighbor told me he would tell her to keep them confined.
Today of course, I found that the chickens had spent the day on my firewood, the enterance to my hay shed and the horse's paddock and shed. There was chick poop all over the rubber mats, feed trough and and everywhere else. So I spent the waining day light hours picking up chicken poop before bringing the horses in for the night.
I hate chicken poop - the chickens also dig up the bedding and scratched up the mulched path.
At least my conversation with the nieghbor, which started out with him saying they were not his chickens and he would not get involved, ended up with him saying he would work with them to see if he could get the chickens better confined before they "free ranged" into my garden and strawberry patch. Seems these chicks will not stay in their run now they have tasted freedom.
I guess this is the same philosophy that people who turn dogs loose share- a clear disconnect with the responsiblity.


Super Self-Sufficient
Jul 21, 2008
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While a chicken won't bite and harm you----the trouble comes out of their butts!

I never liked poultry or birds.

Bird poop of any kind is miserable. Dad has tons of those geese at the lake. Horrible! He finally controlled

Just stay on them. Tell them to confine them. If that doesn't work and you are ticked from poop, slowly have the birds disappear.

Not much you can do and yes, loose critters are loose critters and it stinks. I feel for ya! Arrgh......I'll scream with ya! :barnie


Should be Sewing
Nov 19, 2008
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Chicken dinner, chicken noodle casserole, chicken noodle soup, chicken dumplings.....mmmmm.....