New chapter for SS - Suggestions welcome!


Little Miss Sunshine
Sep 27, 2010
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*passes Lisa a huge slice of awesome* lol


El Presidente de Pollo
Dec 7, 2009
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@BarredBuff if you have any suggestions for changes this is the place to post them. Some have already been made.
I just spent a few moments glancing through the suggestions. I am in favor of a name change. I always thought it was a tad misleading, but that was more of a philosophical thing. We need something catchy, and something that accurately represents the goals, and mission of this place and its participants.

So, if I may ask, what does everyone want from a place like this? I think if we (lurkers, new members, and old fogies alike) can answer this question then we can figure out a name that is better suited while providing a little direction in building this community.

So, here is my answer to the question...

1. This place has always been more about the purpose, and ideology behind something. THEN applying it to the projects we had or tried. That's why I advocated for a gardening and livestock section way back when. The folks that are here, answer questions and provide discussion that is guided by a shared ideology. Some of the big themes I have always seen here is: freedom, DIY, and thriftiness. So, I want this forum to attract people who share those same perspectives.

2. Community has been a real thing here. In a way that you think wouldn't be possible with an Internet forum. I credit that to the journal section where you basically share your life with the folks here. So, we need to rebuild that sense of community, and I think we do that by sharing that again.

3. Finally, I think another big strength/want of a member is the help. I can remember back in the day when I was more active on the homestead, and was green as a June apple, I got advice and guidance here. Countless folks, helped me figure out how to deal with a broody hen, use a pressure canner, etc. This also helps engages the folks who are dreaming for this, and (for me) helps those who don't get to partake as much anymore. We need to get back to promoting those discussions.

I hope this will help spur some good discussion on building a great community here!